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Flu Season

At best, a case of the flu is uncomfortable and inconvenient.
At worst, it can have deadly complications like pneumonia.
Checked with doctors about how many flu cases they're seeing,

Laura Hussey "No offense to the crew here at Gulf Coast Immediate Care Center, but this is not where you want to end up this winter an exam room, feeling miserable. The experts here say now's the time to prevent that"

The Centers for Disease Control says flu vaccines are particularly important for young children, and people over 65.

Tom Prohaska "I'm 72 years old, I know I don't look a day over 40"
Tom Prohaska gets one every year.
Tom "Because you need ot have a flu shot, because if you get flu, you're going to be in big trouble, especially some of the bad strains that are out there".

Physician Assistant Charlie Windfelder says no superbugs have emerged this year, but they are starting to see flu cases.

Charlie Windfelder/GC Immediate Care "If we are advertising to give the flue vaccine, it's time. The time to get the flu vaccine is not when your family members get the flu"   

The Okaloosa County Health Department says there's a low level of seasonal flu cases here, but an increase in the region overall.

They offer free vaccines for children who are uninsured.
"I think it's important to get them it keeps the flu from spreading"

Some people avoid flu shots because they believe they are unnecessary, ineffective, or even harmful.

Windfelder says they're the best defense against an illness that can be dangerous. 

Charlie "It's an opportunity to defend yourself against a potential virus or bug that can cause you or your family harm. "

Laura Hussey "CDC guidelines say there are a few people who shouldn't have the flu vaccine....if you had a vaccination in the last four weeks, you should wait, and if you have any severe allergies, especially to eggs."