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Courts overrule Amish parents decisions on medical treatment

OHIO  --  A battle of modern medicine versus Amish values is back in court.
10 year old Sarah Hershberger's parents took her off chemotherapy in June choosing to treat her Leukemia with herbal remedies instead.
After a month of chemotherapy, the tumors on Sarah's neck, chest and kidney started shrinking.
But her father abruptly stopped the treatment after she complained it made her tired and sick
But last Tuesday, an Ohio appeals court  ruled that her hospital could  overrule her parents decision 
A hearing today gave an attorney for The Children's Hospital in Akron temporary custody of the girl,  so that she can resume chemotherapy treatment for her Leukemia
Hershberger's father explained the family's position in a phone call to ABC News.
Phoner Father " Our belief is the natural stuff will do just as much as what that does, if it's God's will."

Phoner Father: "If we do chemotherapy and she would happen to die, she would probably suffer more than if we would do it this way and she would
happen to die."

The court ruled that the child's parents beliefs can't outweigh the state's right to protect the girl

Doctors say without treatment the girl could die within a year, but that with chemotherapy she has an 85-percent chance of survival.
Experts say the judges decision to side with the hospital could set a legal precedent for how parents decide their children's medical care.