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Weight loss apps

From diet books to juices countless dollars are spent on the next new way to  lose weight.
Now, many are looking to a surprising source for help - their smartphones.
But do weight loss apps really work?
They are called smart phones are good reason. They help us with work, entertainment, communication now, many people are looking to them for
weight loss. But do these apps really work?

To answer this question, researchers at the University of Massachusetts compared thirty popular weight loss apps. The good news many of them
tracked calorie consumption and weight loss.

The bad news? Most did not addressed stress eating, irregular meals, portion control, or other common excuses for overeating. Even expensive apps were
no better than their frugal counterparts.

But it may not always be this way. Authors of the new report say adding behavioral advice to these apps might help tip the scales turning a smartphone into a reliable weight loss coach, too.