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600 pound man loses 200 lbs. and keeps going

PENSACOLA   --   If you're looking for inspiration to kickstart a  diet or workout plan we've got the guy for you.

Scooter Reed was once more than 600 pounds. 
Without weight loss drugs or surgery -- he's lost 200 pounds
For Scooter Reed -- just walking in here, is a victory.

(("For a long time I couldn't get out of the house.  I'd got out of the house maybe two times a year and go to my doctors and get weighed."))

At the scrap yard the  only place with scales large enough for him. 
(("Am I gonna wake up in the morning I have not slept in a bed in probably 8 years.  I sleep in a recliner."))

Reed threw out every scrap of junk food, soda and candy in his house.
(("Don't carry no money and don't have it in the house."))

Reed taught himself how to cook and eat healthy food .
He saved for two years for a gym membership.
Reed lost almost 200 pounds before coming here to Powerhouse Gym.

His first day -- Trainer Amy McCormick noticed him working alone.
She was impressed -- and inspired.

(("His willpower.  I honestly don't, I wouldn't have that in me, just one my own like that and coming in this gym by myself I would be intimidated by all these people."))

The staff -- and other members -- embraced him.
Five times a week, McCormick trains Reed.
She says the diabetics many health issues are a challenge.

Before and after every  session, she monitors his blood sugar, blood pressure and joints.

(("His knees, one thing I have to work with but they are getting better, he told me that the other day."))

They text a dozen times a day about Reeds diet.
(("If I put something in my mouth to eat it or drink it, she wants to know about it."))

Reed used to eat more than 10,000 calories a day.  He's down to 2500 calories a day.

Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes and water have replaced pizza.
He  misses spaghetti and allows one cheat meal of whole wheat pancakes every six weeks.

His best post work out advice --
(("Go straight home and start cooking."))

Reeds new goal --  lose 200 more pounds in 18 months.
(("I'm not gonna eat Thanksgiving.  I'm gonna cook healthy.  I'm gonna miss it, but that's all right."))

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