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Acupuncture - Way of treating allergies

It's shaping up to be a pretty rough season for those with allergies.
But some are turning to a *natural remedy to find relief.
The latest on a way to really *stick it to those symptoms.* 

Allergy Relief With Acupuncture/Medical Edge  
If you ever wonder what's in the outside air this time of year --
Just ask those who suffer from ragweed and other fall allergies --

Nikkie Blaney/Patient
I have post nasal drip, sneezing quite a bit, watery eyes, itchy eyes
 Nikkie Blaney  --who also has asthma says that means -
It pretty well impacts your entire life, as far as having the energy to go through the day, not being able to breath, being uncomfortable.

So Nikkie is one of many now turning to acupuncture to find relief --
I do also experience asthma symptoms as well, so I use an inhaler for that , I am hoping that with acupuncture I can decrease the amounts of medications I do use.

Nikkie let us in on her first session -- where Diane Kloecker
A  Licensed Oriental Medicine Practitioner, places tiny needles in areas of the body to put it back in balance for allergies --

Diane Kloecker/ Licensed In Oriental Medicine, There is usually a deficiency of what we call the Way Chee, The  protective Chee, which means that the environment can unfortunately invade and change our constitution.

In other words --
Acupuncture has an anti inflammatory effect and allergies are a chronic inflammation response to the environment.

Her goal is to put the *Chee back --  so that the body doesn't have this adverse response to the environment
So if you are thinking about doing something like this for your allergies, here's what you are probably wondering,, what does it feel like? Does it hurt, so we asked Diane to still a needle right here -- and ooh, I did feel it, like a little pinch, but it didn't really hurt , and I can't feel it at all right  now.

And speaking of feeling -- so Nikkie can you feel anything in your sinuses, it feels a little bit of an opening,, and it really is relaxing.

She said those easy breathing results were solid for about three days -- leading her to want more follow up treatment.

In most cases, you do need a series of treatments for continued results.
Treatments generally cost about 100 dollars a session -- parts of it are sometimes covered by medical insurance.

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