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What your cosmetic surgery will look like - before - the procedure

People who are considering  plastic surgery or even Botox, can now get a preview of how the cosmetic procedures will look in 3-D
The new high tech camera system  that one cosmetic surgeon is now using.
Medical Edge/ Imaging System For Cosmetic Procedures
If a picture is worth a thousand words --*these might be worth six times that -- at least to Jamie --who asked us not to use her last name --

Jamie/Patient: I've been thinking about doing something ,, wasn't sure what ,, but nothing major,
Jamie and  Nancy -- also not sharing a last name recently consutled Doctor Alex Donath for a little help -- in looking younger.

Nancy   Ii don't want to look obvious.
Doctor Donath is one of the first in the country to use what's called the Vectra M-3 Imaging System.

He specializes in  facial plastics and reconstructive surgery
Alex Donath/ Surgeon
The best thing is that it helps us arrive at a good conclusion as to what the goals are, so it's a good communication tool

Here's how the system works -Jamie or Nancy can tell him up front what they are hoping to change --

Right in here under my eyes,, and then you kinda get this (pushes up cheeks) Yes we do, laughs

I'm not big on major surgery, a little touch up here and there would be okay
Then  -- six different cameras are used to take digital photos -- which are then loaded into a system which helps create a three dimentional image.

Doctor Donath can then  rotate them for viewiing in all  directions and show what for example it looks like to put a little more volume in the cheeks.

The idea behind this then is to set you up with some realistic expectations so then when they come in to perform the procedure you sort of already know the outcome.

I think it helps to give patients the full idea of what they might look like,, and takes a lot of the fear out of the procedure for them.

The imaging system also helps in what it takes to arrive at the end result -- with fillers like these for example
It can do an analysis of how much volume we placed in there
Giving the end result that's quite a picture -- no words needed.

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