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FDA reports arsenic found in rice

There's a new report on arsenic levels in rice -- the kind of rice in most American kitchens. The FDA issued a new finding today.

Baby's first solid food - for many, it's rice cereal.  For the rest of us long grain rice, jasmine rice, rice crackers. We eat rice every day.

Today the FDA gave results of arsenic tests on 1,300 rice products.  They
found inorganic arsenic, the most dangerous kind, in most of them. 

Arsenic is always in the ground and in water, and rice absorbs it.  Ironically, the highest level is in the healthiest rice:  brown rice, with it's shell.

The FDA says the amount of detectable arsenic is "too low  to cause any immediate or short-term adverse health effects."

Industry groups are pleased with the report and say it "supports the
process by which FDA is moving forward."

But this story is not over.

"Those headlines that say don't worry miss the point - the point is not about immedaite short term affects, it's about the long term health effects," Gadhia said.

Arsenic long term could lead to cancer, and problems with your heart, lungs, and nervous system.

The FDA has already set arsenic limits in apple juice. Today's report is, it is hoped, a first step to limits in rice as well