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Health Patch latest breakthrough in healing wounds

A new report says it's not a pill -- but a *patch that might be the latest breakthrough in healing wounds.   

Fred Dodson  has a lower leg wound that has been slow to heal--
I'm losing toes, been diabetic a long time

So today this team of wound healing specialists -- led by Doctor Arti Masturzo will place him inside what's called a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. for about two hours he'll breath in 100 percent oxygen under pressure -which -- helps your bone marrow,, actually stimulates the bone marrow to mobilize cells that stimulate blood vessel growth.

In addition to that however,, some newer technology may add to some of these effective treatments, researchers stress that if you have a wound that is not healing make sure you talk to your doctor, there may be things that you don't even know about that are available for treatment.

As these pictures -courtesy of the National Institutes of Health Show -- a study on a new ultrasound patch is also showing promise.

The patch is battery operated. It sits on the wound much like a band-aid--and delivers ultrasound.

It appears to accelerate healing for what's called a venous leg ulcer:
Venous leg ulcers typically occur in what we call the gator area -- if you can imagine a gator sort of chomping at your  leg, on the lower aspect of the leg ,,they typically occur below the calf,, between the ankle and the calf.

Doctor Masturzo says several other wound treatments are also in testing --
Everything from growth factors cell sprays to achieve healing, to things like this that use ultrasound, there are some using negative pressure to pull on the cells and stimulate healing.

Her hope however is that we can prevent some of what Fred Dodson has had to undergo --by learning more about preventing wounds --from the inside out.