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Fruits versus fruit juices with Diabetes

Contrary to the old saying, an apple a day may be just what the doctor ordered.
But fruit juice?
That may be another story.
A piece of fruit or a glass of fruit juice? To many, these two options may seem like almost the same thing.

But they may not be at least where diabetes is concerned. In a new study, an international team of scientists studied data from over 180,000 patients.

They looked at eating habits, as well as history of diabetes.
They found people who ate 3 or more servings per week of raw, whole fruits like apples, blueberries and grapes had a significantly lower risk of diabetes.

But those who drank 3 or more servings per week of fruit juice? Their diabetes risk was 8 % higher.

Scientists can't say for sure whether there's a direct link. But they say it's an intriguing possibility. So the next time you reach for a sweet treat, put down the glass and pick up a piece of fruit instead.

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