A Missouri couple wanted for kidnappings and armed robberies across the southeast were stopped by Northwest Florida law enforcement agencies.

Suspect in "Bonnie & Clyde" crime spree killed

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Why Businesses Should Advertise

  • To REACH potential customers
  • To tell people WHO YOU are
  • To tell people WHAT YOU do
  • To tell people WHERE to find YOU
  • To tell people HOW to reach YOU
  • To give people a REASON TO PURCHASE your product or service FROM YOU, RATHER THAN YOUR COMPETITION

Todays increasingly competitive market environment forces more pressure than ever on businesses to implement efficient and effective integrated marketing strategies.

Making the decision to invest in advertising is one of the more critical decisions facing business owners. While many options exist, WEAR offers the power of broadcast television advertising, along with the WEARTV.com and advertising through the use of your mobile device.

Advertising on WEARTV.com provides the same emotional response that television does but takes it a step further. All of our digital ads will link straight to your business website or landing page and allow the customers to shop your business immediately.

WEAR-TVs team of knowledgeable marketing professionals welcome the opportunity to explore how advertising your business on television, online and through mobile devices will benefit your bottom line.

Here are a few comments from WEAR clients who have benefited from the power of television:


J & J Furniture:

J & J Furniture has been serving the gulf coast for over forty years. How do we attract consumers to our show rooms? By depending on a quality station like WEAR to help us reach our market. It's been a pleasure doing business together.

-Liz Jones


M.L.R. Fine Jewelry & Gifts:

I have been advertising with WEAR and WFGX since 2002.

They created a tag line, Theres a Hidden Treasure in NW Florida, M.L.R. Fine Jewelry & Gifts in Pace. We also posted a banner click thru ad on WEARTV.com website to mlrfinejewelryandgifts.com.

There is not a week that goes by I dont have someone come in my store and tell me they saw my ad and decided to come in.

I truly believe that the professional ad that WEAR-TV created and the consistency of my advertising schedule over the years has been the reason for my great results. Of all the different advertising over the last 22 years, I have found I have gotten my best results from WEAR and WFGX TV.

- Monica Rivers, Owner


Bath Fitter:

When our Franchise opened in Pensacola last October of 2006, we began working with WEAR 3 to help establish our business in the area. Channel 3 is responsible for over 20% of our total sales in the Pensacola / Mobile area. We have been completely satisfied with the business that Channel 3 has brought to our company. We will continue to work with WEAR in the future to make Bath Fitter a trusted name in bathroom renovation services for the Pensacola and Mobile area.

- Margo Wise, Marketing Director-BathFitter/Nova Bath


Davis Dental:

Davis Dental located in Pensacola has been advertising with WEAR-TV3 and WFGX-My35 since December 2005.

The original marketing strategy had Davis Dental/Dr. Gerstenberg utilizing the mass reach of WEAR-TV3 and WFGX-My35 in order for Davis Dental to be synonymous with Lumineers " Thin porcelain shields that are bonded to the front of your teeth, providing a cosmetic beauty and strength while maintaining the natural tooth structure. WEAR-TV3 and WFGX-My35 are the only local broadcast stations we utilize.

Our Lumineer campaign continues to prove successful and accomplish our marketing goals and objectives. In fact, we have begun to diversify our marketing message because people seemed to be unaware of our general dentistry services.

WEAR-TV3 and WFGX-My35 have played a major role in assisting our continued growth and success.

- John Eichelberger, Office Manager


Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA:

As we approach our 10th anniversary, Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA recognize the significant role WEAR has played in our success. Ten years ago we started our law firm with no clients, no yellow page ad and no referrals. We ran our first commercial on WEAR the night before we opened our doors. Opening day the phones were ringing and have not stopped. We have advertised on a continuous basis on WEAR for ten years with great success. The professionals at WEAR have made us feel like their most important client and have always suggested creative alternatives to our campaigns.

- Martin Lewis and Steven Jurnovoy


As long as competition remains fierce, a targeted and focused marketing effort is vital to maintain and increase your businesss market share. WEAR-TV provides a cost-effective advertising option that will set your business apart from your competition while addressing all the reasons why a business should advertise.

We appreciate the opportunity to further discuss the individual needs of your business.

Please contact us by phone or email our sales department to schedule a (no-pressure) strategy session with one of our team members today.

At WEAR, our business is to grow your business.


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