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Scott Armfield

Niceville High School

GPA: 3.9

This week's scholar athlete is a leader in the classroom and on the field.

He was nominated by his high school football coach to be recognized amongst his peers.

On the football field at Niceville, a football players actions speak louder than his words.

"If I am talking, I am wasting an opportunity and I am not doing the best I can."

When senior outside linebacker, Scott Armfield, is not taking down his opponents, he's building others up. "During the summer I do a VBS thing with my church. We get people from around the area and teach them just bible study, but then we also teach them arts and crafts and math," said Armfield.

Armfield practices what he preaches.

He carries a 3.9 GPA. He scored a 5 on his AP psychology exam. And he thanks football for teaching him the discipline to prioritize study time.

"It has stretched me to be someone who takes stuff seriously and has to get stuff done instead of just having no accountability," said Armfield.

His coach John Hicks notices his unique leadership. "His mental toughness allows him to break through barriers where other kids, even some of our players are like, I have had enough," said Hicks. "A lot of high schoolers just joke around, mess around. But you have to be focused if you want a winning program."

However, this year is a special year for the senior. Not only because it is his last year, but because his dad is home from Afghanistan and says he'll watch the rest of his games from right here.

"Whenever he comes it's great and I try to make sure I prepare extra hard for those games," Armfield said.

His dad's an Air Force Brigadier General and stationed in Tampa.

"My dad is my role model, because he works really hard and I just see that and I just try to copy that in what I do," said Armfield.

Like most military kids, Scott has had to adjust to living in new places and meeting new people. "Coming into a new environment and just really focusing like making friends, and just realizing that no matter what you just have to push through and get stuff done."

"Scott has that warrior like mentality, and you don't see that in a lot of people. I am without fear in this battle and that's the way he is."

Tino Espinoza

West Florida Tech

GPA: 3.9

When we asked West Florida head football coach Harry Lees to nominate a student athlete, he didn't even need to think about it. He immediately knew Tino Espinoza was his guy.

Lees said, "He obviously has good grades, his leadership, how he handles himself."

Tino has played corner all 4 years and has a 3.9 grade point average. Tino said, "Just hard work, whenever I get my assignments I do them. I stay on top of all my work, I just gotta do what I'm told.

Last year was hard for him because his biggest fan, his dad, had to watch the games through his computer because he was stationed in Saudi Arabia.

"It was hard last year, because my dad is my coach and has been here my whole life. It's just different having him watch the games overseas."
His dad was deployed for 15 months with the Navy. While he was gone, Tino took over his dad's coaching duties on the track team.

"Tino would lead the guys with the workouts, hold everybody accountable. " said Coach Lees.

Now his dad is back and again cheering from the sidelines.

Tino isn't sure what he wants to do after college but his sights are set on going to Yale on a scholarship.

Gage Miller

Pensacola High School

GPA: 3.4

Gage plays football, basketball, and weightifting. He is a 3 year starter for football.

Gage's Principal says, "Gage is a great student and even better young man. He is everything that we want our students to be at Pensacola High."

Gage's Football Coach says, "Gage is a leader on and off the field. He is the player on teh offensives line that we can count on to lead the way on offense."


Scholar Athlete of the Week

Friday Night Rivals - WEAR ABC Channel 3
Friday Night Rivals - WEAR ABC Channel 3
Date Time Teams Final Score
08/28 7:30pm Pine Forest vs Pensacola High 41 - 30
09/04 7:00pm Tate vs West Florida 17 - 3
09/11 7:00pm Gulf Breeze vs Northview 7 - 0
09/18 7:30pm Choctaw vs Navarre 14 - 16
09/25 7:30pm Niceville vs Tate 35 - 32
10/02 7:30pm Pace vs Navarre 27 - 42
10/09 7:00pm Catholic vs West Florida Tech 7 - 46
10/16 7:30pm Tate vs Escambia 35 - 14
10/23 7:30pm Washington vs Catholic 35 - 7
10/30 7:30pm Milton vs Pace 30 - 27
11/06 7:30pm PHS vs Escambia 6 - 17
Friday Night Rivals - WEAR ABC Channel 3 Friday Night Rivals - WEAR ABC Channel 3

Jabre Brown #23

School: Escambia

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