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SPORTS: SEC Media Days - LSU

Updated: Wednesday, July 16 2014, 06:02 PM CDT
The four-day spectacular known as SEC Media Days continues today.
And that means college football is just around the corner.

The last couple days have been more about who isn't there as opposed to who is, and it was no different
Les Miles always livens up a room and LSU's head coach the life of the party again today.  It's his 10th year at LSU, his 10th SEC Media Days.

Les Miles: " I do not remember back 10 years, I do not remember the guys that are sitting in this room that have been here for 10 years. Raise your hand if you sat in this room for 10 years, raise your hand.
Forgive me, I do not remember you. I'm serious. What happens to me I, is I don't see back much, I only see forward a lot".

In his shadow today, Missouri, the defending East Champs. They are a long way from Pensacola, but  have landed three West Florida Tech players in the last two years.  First Nate Crawford, and now incoming Freshman Rocel McWilliams and Lawrence Lee

Gary Pinkle: "They've done a great job, and we think they are great players.  What happens is, Nate Crawford comes in with us and he's talking ot players back saying this is a great place. That is the greatest sales you get out of anybody.  You got a player at a school, he's calling his coach, he's calling the guys on his team, and saying Missou is awesome. ".
SPORTS: SEC Media Days - LSU

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