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Derrick Brook's enshrined to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Updated: Saturday, August 2 2014, 07:57 PM CDT

Pensacola's Derrick Brooks is being enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Saturday night.  A special moment for the Washington High grad, and the hometown he represents.

The final act in Derrick Brooks' Hall of Fame weekend is just underway.
The enshrinement ceremony, and unveiling of the bronze bust that will stand in the hall. 

After last night's Gold Jacket dinner, and all that went with it, Derrick's Hall of Fame Saturday started, bright and early, with the grand parade in downtown Canton. 

The celebration of the NFL takes to the streets of the city where the league was founded.  Fans began lining Cleveland Avenue by midnight for the 8 a.m. start.

They express their devotion.  It's endearing.  And passionate.  Sometimes odd, and oddly disturbing.

Enshrinees from years past.  There's Chris Hanburger, another undersized linebacker.  And Willie Lanier, physical in the middle.  And a running back no one could seem to tackle, the great Gale Sayers.
"Thanks for coming out."

Derrick is, again, the first of his  class to appear.  His son, Decalon, joining him for the triumphant ride in front of friends and family.
"Washington High School, Pensacola, Florida."

And so many fans.  Most came a long way to be here.  It's that important to them.  Derrick's that important to them.

Nona Young, Clearwater:  "He's so classy.  He's so good to everyone. And we're so proud of Derrick. So proud. So proud."

Tyrone Tyson, Tampa:  "He missed a tackle. He fell. He got back up. He got pushed down again. He still made the tackle. The first one on the field and the last one on the field. He's a workhorse."

Elyse Silver, Tampa:  "He's an all-around amazing guy. He does so much for the community. I'm an educator. He's always supporting students and schools. He's a good role model for my children. And I just love him."

Becky Tyson, Tampa:  "He's a classy gentleman, like everyone said. He's just a really good guy, on and off the field. We just love him."

And on he goes, honored and adored.  And eminently worthy.
But for Derrick Brooks, the Hall of Fame isn't a culmination.  An opportunity. A platform to do more.

Derrick Brooks,  "I'm trying to use this most valuable resource to get the maximum amount of productivity, whatever it is. I honestly say, if I'm changing one life, that's the goal. But that don't mean I have to be satisfied with that one goal. So, the next challenge that I look forward with is a different stage in life that God's allowed me to stand on, and that's a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. What's out there?"

And that's why Derrick Brooks is not only one of 287, he's one of a kind. 

 Derrick's is the second Pensacola native to enter the Hall.
 Emmitt Smith went in four years ago..
Derrick Brook's enshrined to the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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