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WASTE WATCH: Will VA Benefits be paid in November

Updated: Wednesday, October 9 2013, 07:19 PM CDT
The death benefits are just one of many concerns when it comes to our nation's veterans and the government shutdown.

Thomas Lyons: "I would like to know if my VA Benefits will be paid in November, if the shutdown continues. Who is going to explain to my creditors if I can't pay my bills?"
Veteran Thomas Lyons is asking the question on lots of minds.
We emailed this Waste Watch tip asking -- "I would like to know if my VA Benefits will be paid in November, if the shutdown continues. Who is going to explain to my creditors if i can't pay my bills?"
(Will kennedy)
The partial government shutdown is affecting life in many ways, and that includes creating an uncertain future for our nations military veterans.
Many are asking the question -- what's going to happen to their vital benefits if the lawmakers in washington can't find a solution?

Services for veterans took another hit Tuesday as the Department of Veterans Affairs exhausted some carryover funding -- and furloughed 7,000 workers who process compensation claims.

As the money runs out -- the VA is cutting off public access to all 56 regional offices where veterans walk in to file claims.
(Jeff Miller)
Florida Congressman Jeff Miller is the Chairman of the House Committee on Veteran's Affairs.

That committee met Wednesday to discuss the effect of the government shutdown on VA Benefits and services to veterans.

The Congressman put out a statement on the VA furloughs saying -- "It's a shame that Washington's dysfunction has led to the furloughs of thousands of dedicated va employees and may jeopardize benefits for some veterans."

And that's the issue.
It's not clear if the VA will be sending out almost five billion dollars in compensation checks to almost four million veterans who need that money to live -- veterans like Fort Walton's Thomas Lyons -- who rely solely on these benefits for income.

Thomas Lyons/Concerned about VA Benefits
"The banks want their money. The creditors want their money. The electric company wants their money. They don't care how they get it, they just want their money."

Newly released Department of Veterans Affairs documents show that vets could lose many of their benefits in "Late October" if the shutdown continues.

Thomas Lyons
"All because these guys over in Washington want to play like kids in a sandbox, to see who can control the sandbox. And it's not fair to everybody else."

Thomas Lyons is certainly not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of military veterans who rely on their benefits as their only source of income.

WASTE WATCH: Will VA Benefits be paid in November

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