WASTE WATCH: Ultrasound costs

Updated: Tuesday, October 29 2013, 08:43 PM CDT
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There is now a limit to how much money will be spent on ultrasounds before abortions in Florida.
Lawmakers approved the change back in 2011.
Today the Agency for Health Care Administration met to discuss the regulatory costs that come with that law.
They have determined that the costs will not exceed 200,000 dollars.
They also changed their rules to mirror the state statute.

LM: "It deletes some language - which previously would allow an abortion to take place without an ultrasound.
The group believes that women will be less likely to go through with an abortion after an ultrasound.
So far in 2013 more than 53,000 abortions have been preformed statewide.
The total number decreased slightly over the last few years according to the ACHA website.

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WASTE WATCH: Ultrasound costs
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