WASTE WATCH: Teaching inmates skills to re-enter society

Updated: Monday, December 23 2013, 07:23 PM CST
WASTE WATCH: Teaching inmates skills to re-enter society story image
A new report says that the state of Florida needs to "spend money to save money".

There are more than 100,000 inmates behind bars in Florida, costing two-billion dollars a year.
According to the Department of Corrections  eight of every ten inmates are released within five years.
And one in four of them will be back in prison within five years.
Florida Taxwatch says if there are more programs to teach inmates skills to re-enter society, taxpayers will save.

"If we could reduce the number of prisoners that return to the state prison, we can save significant money."

"Their time here is going to be dedicated to getting what they need to make sure when they get out we've done everything we can to maximize their opportunity for successful integration back into society."
Florida's first re-entry prison will open its gates next week.
Two other re-entry prisons are expected to open soon - pending state funding.

WASTE WATCH: Teaching inmates skills to re-enter society
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