WASTE WATCH: Who should pay to drug test school athletes?

Updated: Monday, August 19 2013, 09:03 PM CDT
WASTE WATCH: Who should pay to drug test school athletes? story image
The way high school students are drug tested may be changing - and at the parents expense.
This after some Florida parents started supplying high school students with performance enhancing chemicals.  

Before the first football game of the season, there are talks of how schools may monitor student-athletes using performance enhancing drugs.
"Our goal is to protect our student athletes and the sport that they play."
If the changes take place and there's a 'reasonable suspicion' that a player is using performance enhancing drugs a parent will have to pay for the drug test before the player is allowed back on the field.

Florida Athletic Coaches Association Executive Director Shelton Crews says coaches support the change.
"We do support a change; we support this mission of FHSA."

Student athletes say they, too support drug testing to keep the game as fair as possible.
"If you're using drugs and its helping you play it ain't fair for other people to go against you."

Many education associations remain tight lipped as they figure out what the changes will mean for schools. The High School Athletic association says if a student-athlete is tested for the performance enhancing drugs, it may cost a parent up to 2-hundred dollars. Players have mixed reaction on who should pay for tests.  

"'Do you think parents should have to pay for it?' 'Yes.' 'Why's that?' 'Because they're the parents.'"
"If the school wants to get tested for you, they should pay for it, I guess."

The Florida Association of School Administrators says districts already have the authority to drug test students and have them pay for the test, too.
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WASTE WATCH: Who should pay to drug test school athletes?
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