WASTE WATCH: Playground at the Community Maritime Park

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
WASTE WATCH: Playground at the Community Maritime Park story image
The original plan for the Community Maritime Park had a playground, but the playground was cut from the budget before it was built.

Now the idea is back on the board.

The city of Pensacola has several bids for a playground but not the funding to build it.

Should $250,000 be spent on a waterfront playground?

There is little doubt that Community Maritime Park is a picturesque setting next to Pensacola Bay. You've got the Amhitheatre. The ballpark that's behind me.

And on game nights, of course, the ballpark is filled.

You've got people and their families running around, with lots of children playing. But what's missing here is playground equipment.

On a day like today, things are quiet at Community Maritime Park.

We came downtown Wednesday to talk to folks. Folks who bring their families down here and find out if a playground at this facility would be worth it, even at a high price tag.

"You know, I think it would be. It would be an attraction. You know we came down here today hoping to have a little more room to play, and there's really not anything kid friendly for us down. So I think that would be a big attraction. Especially for those of us with little ones," said Bethany Bauer.

"The children have no place to really play. I see them running around in here. And so if you would have a facility like that I think it would be really used," said Richard Bedics.

There was some hope that if the Pensacola YMCA moved to the CMPA, they would be the ones taking care of the playground facility. But it looks like that option may be off the table.WASTE WATCH: Playground at the Community Maritime Park
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