WASTE WATCH: Pensacola International Airport cutting costs, raising parking rates

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
WASTE WATCH: Pensacola International Airport cutting costs, raising parking rates story image
PENSACOLA, Fla. -- The Pensacola International Airport is looking to solidify its financial future.
New Director Greg Donovan informed the Pensacola City Council that the facility is dealing with increased competition, high debt and a recent credit downgrade.

Donovan also says the budget needs to be trimmed and revenues raised.

The changes at the Pensacola International Airport have been fast and furious in the past few years.

Big changes, like the Hilton Hotel that's almost complete.

There could be more changes on the way as well. Changes targeted towards helping the airport's bottom line.

Included in those changes, raising the parking rate.

Right now, it costs $8.50 a day to park your car outside at the airport; $2 more to put it in the garage.

The airport has run a shuttle in from the long-term parking lots, but that service will stop next month.

Donovan wants the airport to be more efficient but nobody wants to sacrifice the things that make travelers want to fly Pensacola. 

"It would not affect my travel choices at all. I think for a business traveler you're always looking for a deal, but parking is just one of those built in, fixed costs. I think you're going to pay it, and it's not really going to affect what airport you fly out of one way or the other," said business traveler Steve Delamore.

There are some who wouldn't mind it at all if the airport raises the rates.

Metro Discount Parking is located just across the street from the airport entrance.

Not only can you save a few bucks, owner Asif Akbar and his staff offer some appreciated perks for the harried traveler.

"We can print the boarding passes, and if you are really late we can meet you at the terminal and bring your vehicle back," Akbar said.

"The way that travel is now everything is expensive, and so the more you can cut you cut. This is a great option," said Tim Ventura, Gulf Breeze.

We did reach out to airport director Greg Donovan Friday, but he was unavailable for comment.

If you know of any government spending you want us to look into, tell us about it. Just click on Waste Watch under the News tab.WASTE WATCH: Pensacola International Airport cutting costs, raising parking rates
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