WASTE WATCH: Incentives for businesses to replace old signs

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:34 PM CDT
WASTE WATCH:  Incentives for businesses to replace old signs story image
GULF BREEZE  --  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
The city of Gulf Breeze is looking for ways to put it's best foot forward especially when it comes to all those signs on Highway 98 advertising local businesses.

The city of Gulf Breeze and the people who live here would like to see a slight change as they drive through their town. They'd like to see the tall business signs  come down and be replaced.

This is what they call a monument sign. They'd be uniform throughout the city no more than eight feet high and the city has some tax dollars to put into it to help make that happen.

Lots of signs.
Different heights different colors in different states of repair.

Nancy Doig
"I think we'd like it to look nice when you come into town."
Don Smith
"Not one 20 feet tall, and one five, something like that you know."

The Gulf Breeze Community Redevelopment Agency is looking at ways to use funds earmarked for 'the aesthetic improvement of private property' to help get old, junkie signs down.

And get them replaced with new signs.
But the process isn't cheap.  A new sign can run upwards of ten thousand dollars.
The city council is ready to consider a plan to offer a monetary incentive for businesses to replace those old signs.

Buzz Eddy/City Manager
"Improve the property value. Improve the safety. And reduce blight in the commercial areas. One of the factors can be appearance."

The city recently spoke to the owner of the Valero Gas Station on Highway 98 about replacing his sign.

The estimate for a new monument sign is more than eleven thousand dollars and the city asked what it would take for him to consider doing it.

The negotiated amount is four thousand dollars.
We asked Gulf Breeze residents if they think using tax payer dollars to help businesses replace signs makes sense.

Nancy Doig/Lives In Gulf Breeze
"That would be a good way for them to spend them."
"You would agree with that."
Nancy "To keep something aesthetically pleasing, yes."
Don Smith/Lives In Gulf Breeze
"I don't think at this time it's really necessary. There may become a time when it will be necessary if it gets a little junkie, but right now it looks fine to me."

WASTE WATCH: Incentives for businesses to replace old signs
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