Waste Watch: holiday shopping spending

Updated: Thursday, November 28 2013, 05:49 PM CST
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Holiday spending is expected to go up by four percent this year, with Americans spending more than $6 billion.

Most of us will spend almost one week's pay on gifts this holiday shopping season about $750 per person. Will Kennedy gives us ways to stretch our spending in this Waste Watch Report.

You've got that long, holiday shopping list filled with all those "must-haves" whether it's TV's and electronics or video games and of course all those hot toys. There's no way around it - we're all going to have to spend some money this holiday shopping season. But there is a way we can save a few bucks along the way.

Adding up the price tag for your wish list is enough to bring on a seasonal disorder. It's easy to get carried away and go over budget especially when we're shopping for the kids who know just what they want," said Ricky Aurthur.

But there are ways to get the things they want and still protect the bank account balance. It helps to set a spending limit and you need to have a plan of attack before you hit the stores.

"I do. I actually go in and know exactly what I want, and just aim for what I want. I don't let anything sidetrack me, or you know go for the little side deals that they usually pop up and put in line. I go exactly for what i want and focus on that, and get it and get out," said shopper Charlene Aurthur.

But the hardcore, Black Friday shopping experience isn't for everyone.

"I just don't deal with all the traffic, and all the people. I decorate on Black Friday," said shopper Vicky Rider.

Vicky Rider is shopping in less stressful circumstances. Finding things for her grandchildren at her own pace and looking for deals outside of the stores.

"I shop ahead online some, and just go with the flow," Rider said.

You can find plenty of good deals on-line. But what about all those incredible, "can't miss" doorbusters? This is the time of year to save - with last year's models making room the new. You can usually find deep discounts.
But is it something on your list? And how much time are you willing to invest?

"No more that about four hours. If it's going to take more than that, it's not worth getting," Aurthur said.

A few things to remember as you go out shopping during this holiday season - be patient. Those lines are going to be long. And you may want to wear some comfortable shoes. Waste Watch: holiday shopping spending
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