WASTE WATCH: Gulf Breeze Tennis Court may begin charging fee

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:34 PM CDT
WASTE WATCH:  Gulf Breeze Tennis Court may begin charging fee story image
GULF BREEZE   --  Tennis players at a popular park in Gulf Breeze  could soon have to dish out a little cash to play.

The city of Gulf Breeze may charge people to play on the tennis courts at Shoreline Park.

What's behind the proposed fee
"Shoreline Tennis Courts are pretty popular amongst tennis players since you can play a few rounds for free, but the city of Gulf Breeze may be looking to charge these people to do what they love"

Daniel Shull plays tennis on these courts often.
"Every couple of weeks, I'm just trying to keep in shape and play some tennis"

Shoreline Park has just about everything one could ask for in a park.
Baseball fields, playground equipment, a recreation center and several tennis courts.
But its these courts that has some people talking.

Gulf Breeze city officials say the tennis courts have fallen victim to mis-use, from skateboarders and people leaving trash behind.
The city is open to discussing a possible fee, that would charge people to use the courts for maintenance.

Daniel Shull - Gulf Breeze
"It seems like that'd be included in the city taxes but I'd think if they're having people come in and misuse the courts they can just lock them"

Regular park-goers aren't the only ones concerned about the possible fee.
These people visiting from South Dakota say they think the tennis courts look fine compared to the ones back home.

And any added fee would cause them to play elsewhere.
Trey Erickson - Visiting from South Dakota
"Good fence, and the nets are up so your balls aren't flying across, it's a nice complex"

Nathan Bertsch - Visiting from South Dakota
 "I wouldn't pay to play, I'd just find another place that is free, it makes sense but I wouldn't pay"

Kavontae Smalls
"The Gulf Breeze City Council will discuss the possible fees at Wednesday's city council meeting.

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WASTE WATCH: Gulf Breeze Tennis Court may begin charging fee
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