WASTE WATCH: Common Core Starndards take effect next year

Updated: Wednesday, February 19 2014, 05:52 PM CST
WASTE WATCH:  Common Core Starndards take effect next year story image
Another step forward for the "Common Core"  the new requirements for students in Florida.

The state Board of Education yesterday approved.
Performance standards for English and Math, and  course requirements for K- through 12, adult secondary, and exceptional students.
Florida education leaders started with national standards then made 98 changes renaming them the "Florida Standards" .   More than half of them related to high school calculus.

Parents and others protested outside the Board of Education meeting in Orlando.
They say the requirements are too rigorous and will cost taxpayers too much.
Channel 3's Kavontae Smalls talked with Escambia's School Superintendent about the challenges

"Now that the proposed changes to the Common Core have been approved in Florida, what exactly will that look like?

At the elementary level for example, students will be expected to know how to write in cursive.

At the high school level, students will be expected to solve calculus problems."
We took some of those calculus problems to parents around town.

"Would you be able to solve something like that?" "I wouldn't.  Nope "
"It's a lot different.  A lot more than it used to be"

The new Florida standards outlines what students should know at each grade level.
They include Math, English, Science and Social Studies topics.
For example first graders will have to know the value of coins and how to use a ruler instead of waiting until second grade.

By high school, students must meet 52 new calculus standards.

Sheila Montgomery - Math Specialist
"We've been working, our teachers have been working on this for several years now."

Sheila Montgomery is a math specialist in the Escambia County School District.
She's confident the district is able to meet the new standards.

Her real concerns are similar to Superintendent Malcolm Thomas.
How will the new test be given and what's passing or failing among other things.

Malcolm Thomas - Escambia Superintendent
"What will those assessment questions be like?  Will it require technology and computers?  Are we going to have sufficient resources to deliver?"

Once the test is finalized the districts will finally know how much the test will cost in terms of money and resources.

"When you're in a position where we've not yet named the test, it's really hard to think about those other issues."

Kavontae Smalls
"The Florida Department of Education is expected to announce what that test will be in March. Common Core of StandardsWASTE WATCH: Common Core Starndards take effect next year
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