WASTE WATCH: Canal Street improvement project in Milton

Updated: Friday, August 9 2013, 10:41 PM CDT
WASTE WATCH:  Canal Street improvement project in Milton story image
MILTON   --  We all know traffic issues can be a real pain, especially when your nice, quiet street has become a busy detour.
One street improvement project in Milton has some residents up in arms.
The final product could be worth the wait.

This is the intersection of Canal Street and Highway 90 in Milton. A busy intersection -- and it's part of a project that's ongoing.

A lot of times we don't realize how much money goes into these projects.
This is a 700,000 dollar project -- where they are taking a section of Canal and repaving it.

This project has been delayed by some permitting issues. People who live in the neighborhood are wondering when it's going to be finished.

The old road is gone -- and a new one should be laid down soon.
Crews are putting up a new traffic light at Highway 90 now.

Brand new sidewalks. New curbs. All needed upgrades for Canal Street.
Martin Hollingshead/Lives off Canal Street
"There was holes in the road. It held water in a lot of spots, and they fixed that."

The funding comes from a state grant the city applied for -- and received.
Some landscaping and ornate lampposts had to be cut to stay on budget.

But the paving contractor also found a way to save the city 95,000 dollars.

Brian Watkins/Milton City Manager
"He said well. if you'll allow me to completely close the road we'll go in there, we'll tear up the whole thing, we'll pull up the old concrete base. We'll crush it and bring it back as new base."

But it's not the funding that's been the problem .
Folks who live in the neighborhood are mad because Canal was completely closed -- rerouting traffic onto their once nice, quiet streets.

Residents brought their beef to the city council -- the city put up some new stop signs and tried to get a grip on the situation.     

Martin Hollingshead
"They block this street off and make you go this way. And then at times they block it off there and make you come all the way around. At times it's hard to get,  it's just hard for me to get home."

Brian Watkins
"I know it has been a burden on you know the people who use Canal Street, and the owners and residents around the street. But I think what we'll end up with at the end is a much better road."

Crews here on the job tell me they're hoping to start paving Canal Street next week, and that could open the road to traffic again soon.

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WASTE WATCH: Canal Street improvement project in Milton
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