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WASTE WATCH: The Buffett family going green

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 02:34 PM CDT

The Buffet family is going green.
A boat Jimmy Buffet's family donated to the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Research Laboratory will now be powered with used vegetable oil.

Aurther Temples
"LuLu's Restaurant uses nearly 1,000 gallons of cooking oil each month, but instead of dumping the oil out they've found more environmentally friendly ways to use it."
80-percent of the food prepared at Lulu's is southern fried.
But instead of throwing the used oil out.
It's purified.  It takes about two days before the oil is clean.

Lou Germany  "We pump it into our top tank and from that tank we drain it down and run it through our centerfuse which spins it out and separates all the sediments from the clean oil."
Once the purifying process is complete.
 It's then sent to Ocean Springs Mississippi.
The recycled oil is then used to power the 33-foot "Miss Peetsy B" boat.

"It powers the boat the same as diesel fuel, but has the aroma of french fries."   
The boat is used in a summer camp that teaches children about the gulf coasts ecosystem.

Lucy Buffett "Jimmy's dream was to have a type of sea camp or a school boat, so that kids could learn about living on the gulf coast...learn how to fish, learn about the tides, learn about our environment and what sustains us."
Many people were pleasantly surprised to learn about what the used oil could do   
Aurther Temples  "If they can help with the environment I'm all for it."

Pam Reinhart  "Recycling is always great."
Using the oil to power the boat is not only  better for the environment...But last longer then gasoline.

"As long as it's not sitting in the sun where algae can grow in's good for years."
"I think it's our one little thing we can do."

"LuLu's is hoping to get their own boat in the future to trawl for shrimp."

WASTE WATCH: The Buffett family going green

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