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UPDATE:Governor Scott announces state-wide teacher raise

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
UPDATE:Governor Scott announces state-wide teacher raise story image
Governor Rick Scott wants to give the state's 168,000 teachers a pay raise. 
2800 dollars more a piece to be exact. 

The announcement comes after Scott's first budget cut education spending by more than a billion dollars.

Whatever the reason maybe, Governor Rick Scott is proposing an across the board pay raise for teachers...
Something educators across Florida have been dying to hear.

Gov. Rick Scott /
"I've traveled the state.  I've talked to teachers.  They're working tirelessly to make sure our students have achievements.  So I'm appreciative of what our school teachers do."

The proposed raise seems like a strange move for Scott, especially if you consider his first budget.
Scott cut 1.3 billion dollars from education after federal stimulus dollars dried up.

The governor also forced teachers to contribute 3 % to the state pension. A move many saw as a pay cut.

But his latest proposal, is one teachers support.
Tony Bennett /
"I think the governor recognizes the heavy lift Florida teachers have made, since he came to office, and I think he is appreciative of their efforts."

Lawmakers get the final say on all budget items.
But at least for now, there doesn't seem to be many who oppose the governor's plan.

Rep. Braxson / R-
"Teachers have really paid a heavy price over the last several years and hopefully we can find a way to give them some bonuses where they can feel more appreciated."

There are 168,000 teachers in Florida.
And if the plan makes it through budget process they will get about 2800 dollar raise next year.

Costing the state 480-million dollars.
We wanted to know what our viewers thought of the teacher pay raises
So we posted the question on our Facebook page.

Stefani comments, It's about time we paid them a whole lot more. Our future depends on it!

Meanwhile Deborah writes, I'm all for teachers getting a raise, if they earn it!!! More need to start teaching instead of just showing up for a paycheck.
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UPDATE:Governor Scott announces state-wide teacher raise
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