Santa Rosa recycling savings

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
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Trash and recycling pick up are often something we take for granted but
picking up all the things we throw away can cost the county big time.

How Santa Rosa County has found a way to cut those costs in tonight's WasteWatch report.

old  saying is that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and
Santa Rosa County has found a way to take all this all this recyclable
material and turn it into a savings for the taxpayer.
It's the focus of our Waste Watch report.

county contracted with Waste Pro and Waste Management to serve the
south end of the county, consolidating the pickups and increasing the
scope of the recycling program.

There is also a savings for the county and that's good for your tax dollars.
Bob Cole/Santa Rosa Co. Commissioner
was approached by West Florida Recycling and given an idea that they
would take over program." "We were able to initiate a contract with
them. We've got about a year, a little more than a year under our belt

Santa Rosa Was Budgeting 760,000 dollars for recycling at the landfill.
The county made back 340,000 in recycling revenue.
Leaving a 420,000 dollar cost for your tax dollars to make up.

The county reached a deal with West Florida Recycling to take over the operation,

Now the county gets back 119,000 bucks saving the county more than half a millions dollars.

Ginny Ward/West Florida Recycling
than having six or seven garbage trucks in their neighborhood, now
there's only one. And it saves wear and tear on the county roads. Noise,
pollution, safety all those things. So it's very forward thinking of
Santa Rosa County to do this."

The plan is to make this
full fledged recycling program county-wide within the next two years and
hopefully save the taxpayers in Santa Rosa County even more money.
Santa Rosa recycling savings
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