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Perdido Key Fire Station and Community Center

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 02:34 PM CDT
Perdido Key Fire Station and Community Center story image
PERDIDO KEY  --  Some are calling it the "Garage-Mahal."
The new Perdido Key Fire Station and Community Center will certainly be grand but the location and price tag have some residents hot under the collar.

Normally this is a nice, quiet street in a vacation neighborhood on Perdido Key.   But for the last year and a half or so it's been anything but quiet.

That's because right across the street from these homes construction continues on the Perdido Key Fire Station and Community Center .

It's anything but quiet now, as the construction crews are hard at work looking to get this project complete and they're hoping to have that done by the end of August.

Mike Chiarolanza/Lives behind new fire station: "Why would you put a community center on the western corner of the county where the fewest number of people have access to it. It's absurd. Total waste of money for the residents of Escambia County."

Doug Wager/Lives across the street: "We wasted our money again. Wasteful spending by the government. Just simply put wasteful spending."

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Perdido Key Fire Station and Community Center
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