Perdido Key boat ramp project moves forward

Updated: Thursday, August 22 2013, 08:15 PM CDT
Perdido Key boat ramp project moves forward story image
PERDIDO KEY   --   For years now, Escambia County has been pursuing the possibility of providing more access to the Perdido River with a new, public boat ramp.
A viewer -- Lorita -- sent in a tip, asking us to check on the ramp.
She wrote  "The county bought land to build a new boat ramp on the Perdido River. Wasted days and wasted money."

Will Kennedy digs into how much it could cost, and who will use the ramp in this Waste Watch report.

We're here along the Perdido River in Escambia County on one of three pieces of property the county has purchased with local option sales tax money, with plans to take some BP funds and turn it into a public boat ramp.

The county is purchasing three parcels of land on the river -- for roughly 400,000 dollars.
The engineering and construction is expected to cost 1.2 million.
The project has been in the works for several years -- and Commissioner Wilson Robertson is eager to see it realized.

"It took a lot of time to acquire the property. We had to get appraisal after appraisal, and get people to agree to sell, and it was a little controversy in the beginning. But it's going to be well worth it. "

The Perdido River is quiet today -- but that could change soon.
 Bill Good owns Ruby's Fish Camp -- next door to the site for the new public ramp.

"I think it will bring more business in for bait, tackle, soft drinks and ice. It'll be crowded though. Right now a lot of Floridians go over to Seminole and use their public boat launch over there."

Doug Fulford/Boats On Perdido River
"The ramp we used to use was at Herschel's Hammock, and that was bought up by a private individual and since that's been closed. So it would be nice to have a ramp on this side of the county to be able to use."

Wilson Robertson
"We're acquiring enough property, Will, that we're actually going to put picnic tables, maybe a walking trail. Hey this thing is going to be more than just a boat ramp, I assure you."
Work on this boat ramp project will start in the near future, with plans to have it wrapped up - and dropping boats into the river -  by fall of 2014.

Several people on our Facebook page shared their support for the project.
Tommy wrote, "I know a whole lot of people from Beulah will use it."

And Janet wrote, "Boaters would not have to drive all the way to Alabama to put their boats in the river. All we see is Florida tags."
If you have questions or concerns about government spending, tell us about it...
Visit and click on Waste Watch.Perdido Key boat ramp project moves forward
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