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New audit shows IRS wastes tax dollars on employee perks

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
New audit shows IRS wastes tax dollars on employee perks story image
TAXES:  The IRS loves to hold you accountable for your tax dollars.
But a new audit shows the agency loves to waste those dollars on employee perks.

The Treasury Inspector General reported the IRS spent more than $11 million of your tax dollars in 2011 on 35,000 Air Cards and 4400 Blackberrys for employees.
2300 IRS employees may have snagged their tech gadgets without a manager's approval.

What may be worse the Inspector General found 1400 of those Aircards and 754 Blackberrys were not used once for three months.
45 of those Air Cards and 68 Blackberrys were not used the entire year.
But you still paid for the service.
The IRS claims to have improved tracking of unused devices but disagrees with many of the Inspector General's claims.New audit shows IRS wastes tax dollars on employee perks
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