Never ending sidewalk in Santa Rosa County

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
Never ending sidewalk in Santa Rosa County story image
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Tonight's Waste Watch report was inspired by our viewer Erin who wrote.
"How about the fact that Santa Rosa County road and bridges are building a never ending side walk in Navarre as they call it an exercise trail,

Or they built Holly-by- the-Sea a wooden bridge across the pond but go look at all the rain ditches in Navarre and Midway and they are breeding grounds for insects."
This is more than just your average sidewalk.
Santa Rosa County is calling this a multi-use path. It runs from State Road 87 along  Eastbay Boulevard for about five miles when the project is complete.

We came out today to find out today to find out if the 500,000 dollar price tag is worth it to the residents here.

Dave Seims
"Half a million dollars is a lot of money. Umm yeah I would say so. It gets a lot of use, believe it or not."

Don Butler
"I was surprised they've held the cost down as low as they can. They've been, like you said, working on it piecemeal, and working on it as time permits and it seems to be a really effective program for them."

Santa Rosa County tells us that this project will continue on to Edgewood Drive off Eastbay Boulevard, and the completion date is set for early summer.
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Never ending sidewalk in Santa Rosa County
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