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Jacks Branch Road re-surfacing project ready to begin

Updated: Friday, September 6 2013, 10:21 PM CDT
Jacks Branch Road re-surfacing project ready to begin story image
ESCAMBIA COUNTY   --   Escambia County is ready to start a road resurfacing project on Jacks Branch Road between County Roads 196 and 184.

It's part of a five-year plan to improve several dangerous sections of road in District Five.
The county could spend more than $10 million to widen roads and tackle drainage problems.

It's a section of Escambia County Road that many people consider dangerous.
People who live and work along Jacks Branch Road have been asking the county to make improvements, to make the roadway safer.

Well a multi-million dollar project is going to start soon.
The county will be widening and resurfacing seven miles of Jacks Branch between County Roads 196 and 184.

Lanes will be expanded to 11 feet -- with a four-foot shoulder.

Right now, there is no room for error -- and the severity of the accidents on this road make the improvements a priority.
The people who live here know the changes are crucial.  

"As narrow as it is at night time man, it' s pretty dangerous road man. People fly up and down this road all the time. And I think it's a good thing that they're going to widen it though," says Cory Barfield, who lives on Jacks Branch Road.

"Oh it's very narrow. Like him. You see him? You don't have a whole lot of room with him coming down that road. No. Many a time I've passed by them and say oh when is one of them logs going to fall off there. You know what I'm saying. Because they come around that corner," says David Harrison.

District 5 Commissioner Steven Barry says the county is spending more than three million dollars on this first phase of a multi-phase plan to upgrade several roads in the area.
This phase should finish next fall.
Another phase at the west end of Jacks Branch will also cost $2-3 million.
And some major changes to Muscogee Road, from County Road 97 to Highway 29, could cost between $6-8 million.
That phase will also include drainage work.
"And it floods down there when it rains hard, down that way. It floods pretty good," says Barfield, who lives on Muscogee.

The Jacks Branch Road project was scheduled to start September 9th. That has been pushed back a little bit by the engineering firm.
Now the folks who live out here are hoping that when Jacks Branch is done, the project will continue up Muscogee Road towards Highway 29.Jacks Branch Road re-surfacing project ready to begin
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