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Gov. Scott changing stance on Medicaid

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
Gov. Scott changing stance on Medicaid story image
Florida Governor Rick Scott is changing his stance on Medicaid.
This is a big about-face for the former businessman who entered politics as a critic of President Obama's Health Care proposals.
Now he's willing to take help from Washington in a move that could eventually cost the state.
Florida Governor Rick Scott has been an outspoken opponent of President Obama's Health Care Reform especially the plan to expand Medicaid coverage.
But Scott is now backing that expansion stirring up controversy for the governor as he moves closer to  a hard fought re-election campaign.

In a move that sent shock waves across the country Scott became the latest and maybe the most prominent Republican critic of President Obama's Health Care law to put that law into effect.

Gov. Rick Scott/R-Florida
"Our options are either having Floridians pay to fund this programs in other states, while denying healthcare to our citizens, or using federal funding to help some of the poorest in our state."
Florida is one of the states that sued to try and block the law.
Medicaid already covers three million people in Florida and costs the state $21 billion a year.
The expansion would extend coverage to one million more over a three-year period with the federal government paying the full cost of the expansion... Before shifting the costs to the states.

Ron Beasley/Pensacola
"If republicans change their mind and don't stand their ground they are history, because it's time to take back our country."

Adding more people to the Medicaid rolls is good news for those waiting to get services but Scott is also pushing to privatize Florida's Medicaid system. And that leaves some concerned about the quality of care.

Dr. Sherry White/President, UCP
"This is going to mean a good positive for those families and the individuals who are on the wait list, but not necessarily a relief for those who are not."
Scott's support of Medicaid expansion is significant but is far from the last word.
The program requires approval from Florida's republican-dominated legislature a group that is against expanding Medicaid under the health care law.
     Gov. Scott changing stance on Medicaid
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