Getting traffic lights correct takes coordinated effort and money

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:34 PM CDT
Getting traffic lights correct takes coordinated effort and money story image
WASTE WATCH   --   There is a common belief that traffic signals are the answer to all traffic problems at intersections.
But getting the timing right takes a coordinated effort and lots of money.
Escambia County, the City of Pensacola and the Florida Department of Transportation are working together on a project to try to alleviate our troubles.

We all have our least favorite spots...
Kari Deakins/Frustrated Driver
"Davis here and Olive, and of course a couple of lights up. You know if you're in that rush hour traffic you really almost wait indefinitely at times."

Keith Dixon/Frustrated Driver
"Mainly the traffic at these lights. I live just off Olive up the road here. And every morning early, especially with these school buses, traffic people just block the intersection trying to get through."

It's those traffic signals.
Electronically operated directing us to stop and go.
They are designed to ensure an orderly flow of traffic give pedestrians or vehicles a chance to cross an intersection and hopefully reduce the number of accidents.

That doesn't always happen.
Kari Deakins
"Synchronizing the lights in some way. Kind of timing it a little bit better late at night or earlier in the day. If it's traffic sensors or cameras, something that can time the lights a little bit better would be really an advantage."

The state, county and city are working together by joint agreement to try and make things better.
A consultant looks for problem areas, makes a recommendation and the FDOT approves any changes.

The city of Pensacola administers state funds for the area.  So far the tab is one and a half million dollars.

It's a five year project with one year to go.
It sounds simple but it's not.
"Anything could work to make this better?"

Keith Dixon
"Not that I know of, that's for sure. It's definitely hard to figure it out because there's just too much traffic."

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Getting traffic lights correct takes coordinated effort and money
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