Florida Amazon.com center would increase sales tax and employment

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:34 PM CDT
Florida Amazon.com center would increase sales tax and employment story image
FLORIDA   --  Internet giant amazon.com was poised to build at least one Fulfillment Center and likely more in Florida.
It negotiated with the state over several months to delay collecting  sales taxes on Florida purchases until the centers were up and running.

Governor Rick Scott eventually said no.
The governor was in Tampa on Friday, touting a three-tenths of a percent drop in the state's jobless rate.
Rick Scott Governor
 "As you know Hertz is moving their corporate office down to Lee County."
But what Scott wasn't talking about was the 2500 jobs he turned down after months internet giant amazon.com wants to build Fulfillment Centers in Florida in their quest to offer same day delivery. Under current law, the moment they closed the deal, Amazon would have had to start collecting sales taxes. They hoped to delay collecting taxes on internet sales until the centers opened in February of talking, Scott said no.
Rick Scott  Governor
"My job is to make sure I do the right thing for taxpayers of our state, and based on the opportunity I had at the time it didn't make sense."
The talks are continuing. Scott is optimistic.

Rick Scott     Governor
"I haven't seen something that I think is good for Florida's tax payers, but I'm hopeful that Amazon will be here with their warehouses soon."
Florida's Retail Federation has been pushing for fairness between brick and mortar stores and internet sellers for almost a decade. They were actively involved in the Amazon negotiations; surprised when they fell apart. They say they won't have anything to say until next week.
Legislation to allow the collection of taxes on internet sales, was amendment during the legislative session to accommodate the February date sought by Amazon. In the end, nothing passed.
Sen. Nancy Detert  R-Venice   Internet collection bill sponsor
 "It's something that should probably have been done a decade ago."
And because nothing passed, Florida will continue to  lose an estimated one to two billion dollars a year.
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