Fla. Man accused of leaving kids in car, to drink at bar

Updated: Saturday, August 23 2014, 08:38 AM CDT
Fla. Man accused of leaving kids in car, to drink at bar story image
OCALA, Fla. -- Joshua DeLong, 28, sits in jail on child neglect charges.

Heather Weiss found his three children,ages 5,7, and 8 inside his car alone while he drank inside a bar.

"When i was walking out someone said there's kids in the car, there's kids in the car," Weiss said.

When Weiss found them, the kids had been screaming for their dad and honking the car horn.

"They had been here for a long time and they told me daddy does it a lot," Weiss said.

The children were reportedly in the car for about four hours. The windows were rolled up and the keys were still in the ignition.

Weiss is a mother herself and said it was hard to believe.

"It just kinda hit me that when your looking at a kid and there sitting there crying you do what you can," she said. "You see their tired, their sweaty, you wanna do the right thing and get them out of the situation."

Weiss's boyfriend a bouncer at Dr. B's found DeLong and she
says he, along with two other bouncers stopped DeLong as he tried to drive off intoxicated, with the kids in the car.

It doesn't end there.  Police say another person at the bar upset after hearing what happened....hit DeLong.

"All i know is he got hit and was on the ground, there was no fight," Weiss said.
Fla. Man accused of leaving kids in car, to drink at bar
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