Federal employees owe billions in unpaid taxes

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
Federal employees owe billions in unpaid taxes story image
WASHINGTON D.C. -- A new IRS report shows federal workers owe more than 3-and-a-half billion dollars in back taxes
This at a time when federal agencies are slashing budgets.

As Kristine Frazao tells us, federal workers often have less to fear than public sector employees when it comes to owing back taxes.

312 thousand federal workers and retirees missed paying their taxes on time in 2011.
 The IRS says that's an uptick of about 12 percent compared to 2010.

Tom Kovacs, taxpayer
"They should be fired immediately. I have to pay my taxes and work for the money."

He's not alone in his thoughts.

Phyllis Mason
"They should have to pay their taxes to, it's not right."

Among executive department's, workers at Housing and Urban Development have the highest delinquency rate at  four-point-four-two percent.
Delinquency at the Government Printing Office tops 7-point-six percent, the most of any large independent agency.
Congress and the White House are not immune..
The senate percentage is 3.3 percent and the house tops 3.7.
 Even employees at the White House haven't paid their taxes, at just over two percent it's down over previous years.

Federal workers are not alone, more than eight percent of the general population doesn't pay it's taxes on time. But federal taxpayers  that don't pay up and get away with it leaves many people angry.

Certified Public Accountant, Max Highstein, says non-compliant federal employees should face the same penalties the public often confronts for failing to pay state taxes.

Max Highstein
"If your an accountant, if your a nurse, if you are a doctor, they will lift your license if you are not compliant or don't have an agreement with them. The federal government doesn't do that."

Under a proposed house bill, workers  deemed "seriously delinquent"  would be ineligible for federal jobs.
Right now that bill is stuck in a committee.

In Washington, I'm Kristine Frazao, reporting.
Federal employees owe billions in unpaid taxes
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