FBI planes used for personal travel

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
FBI planes used for personal travel story image
A top of the line FBI jet is the subject of today's Waste Watch report.

The FBI has spent millions since 2001, leasing two corporate-style Gulfstream-V Jets.

The planes are equipped with the most sophisticated communications equipment and amenities.

The FBI originally leased the planes to whisk counterrorism agents, in a moments notice, to global hot spots.

But as our investigative media partner, the Washington Guardian, discovered since 2007 about 60 percent of all flight hours were spent transporting FBI Director Robert Muller, Attorney General Eric Holder and Holder's predecessor, Michael Mukassey. 

The cost nearly $11.5 million. 

"When you are spending $11 million on personal travel of Gulfstreams, for personal travel, not for terrorism, don't you think they could cut down on Gulfstreams."

But according to the Washington Guardian's report, the FBI used to use a smaller jet or a turbo prop, both of which are cheaper to operate, for many of the business trips.

But bureau security experts say the Gulfstream's special encrypted communication systems are important for ensuring secure lines of communication for traveling officials.

It's also the FBI's only plane that can travel overseas.

You can read the full report by logging onto our website, and clicking on the Guardian link. FBI planes used for personal travel
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