Crestview could face more regulations for street vendors

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:34 PM CDT
Crestview could face more regulations for street vendors story image
Street vendors in Crestview might soon face more regulations to promote safety for the public.
Vendors would have to receive a 50-dollar  permit from the city's planning and zoning department....
Each year the department would inspect the property the vendors use.
It would be up to code and law enforcement to make sure the vendors follow the ordinance.

"The city if Crestview wants to add regulations which would make it illegal for vendors to set up in the middle if medians like this one."
On the weekends locals say these medians are full of vendors selling anything you could imagine from local produce to clothes.

Jordan Swanson  "There are certain things you can get in the side of the road that you can't find in that good if shape at the store."
City officials say although they welcome the small businesses some complaints about safety have been made.
The vendors sometimes set their stands up on the side of busy highways causing accidents and traffic issues.

 "I've seen it cause problems before. People just need to be smart and put their blinkers on using their brakes and be far enough away from the road to where they're not causing traffic accidents."
If the ordinance is passed vendors can only operate in commercially zoned areas.
 On the side of Highway 85 and 90 or in public or privately owned land and parking lots.
It would also allow more than one vendor on a parcel depending on the size of the property.

How often you have  yard sales could also be effected by the ordinance.
Instead of once every 90-days it could change  to once every month or so loosening the restrictions.

Mark McClard "I'm always scared of regulations but if it's public safety then always."
"The city council plans to vote in this ordinance in the next few months. Crestview could face more regulations for street vendors
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