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Costly, new Veterans Benefits Management System a failure

Updated: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 11:01 AM CDT
After they come home, veterans know  a battle still looms.  Obtaining  benefits from the VA has always been like pulling teeth. 

A new process called the Veterans Benefits Management System was thought to be the answer to many, many complaints over the time it takes to process veterans claims.

As it turns out, that new, costly system, is a complete failure, making it far worse than it was before.

"One program after another, after another fails. Everything falls through the cracks. And the only ones being hurt by this are, our veterans."

The VA spent $273 million for software to make the switch from paper to digital and minimize errors. But as Phillip Swarts, with the Washington Guardian, discovered, the VA failed to properly test the software.

"Investigators in the of office of Inspector General aren't sure that the system can be fixed and they are worried that it might need to be scrapped and completely start back from square one."

How fouled up is the new system?

"VA employees told investigators under the old 'paperwork process it took about four minutes to process a claim. Under the shiny, new multi-million dollar system it takes 18 minutes to do the same work."

And the Insector General found that the VA plans to spend more money, an additional $92 million, on the same system  in the coming months.
Joseph Phillips is the commander of an American Legion post and served in the Army and Air Force.

"Come to find out how much money has been squandered, somebodys' head ought to roll. Especially, in the Veterans Administration."Costly, new Veterans Benefits Management System a failure

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