Controversial bill on employers offering sick time

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:34 PM CDT
Controversial bill on employers offering sick time  story image
FLORIDA   --  A controversial measure that blocks local governments from requiring employers to offer paid sick time has been signed into law by Governor Rick Scott.

But opponents say the fight isn't over.
Feeling sick? Beginning July first you may no longer be eligible for sick time. A new state law takes away local government ordinances requiring employers to offer paid sick time.

Damien Filer: "This law will take away their right to make those decisions for themselves at the local level."
The Florida Coalition for Local Control fought the bill in the legislative process. The group argues the new law wrongfully separates the poor and women from everyone else.

"It's disappointing; the Governor clearly sided with big corporation over the interest of many Floridians."
Those in support of the law say it creates consistency for employers across the state.

Samantha Padgett: "It creates consistency, predictability and conformity of regulation through-out the state. Anytime a business is looking to settle or move to Florida they have to see what regulations will cost them."

Before the bill was signed into law, two neighboring counties may have had different sick-time laws. Now, when you cross into a new county, the laws will be the same.

DF "It really does encourage development and it really does protect our economic growth in the state of Florida and encourage the economic growth."

SP "Those are great talking points, but there is no truth and what we see consistently is when earned sick times are in place that it increases the economic stability of those places."

Opponents say they will work closely with the state to make sure employees, not just employers, are protected under this new law.  

A recent public poll shows 8 in 10 Floridians support employers providing sick time benefits.
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