Longest serving SCOTUS Justice passes away  Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia was found dead Saturday at a luxury resort in West Texas.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia dead at 79

Carnival to pay US taxpayers back for 90 mishaps over past 5 years

Updated: Saturday, August 3 2013, 03:33 PM CDT
Carnival to pay US taxpayers back for 90 mishaps over past 5 years story image
MIAMI  --  On top of safety up grades Carnival Cruise Lines is also refunding U.S. taxpayers.
The pay out is coming after two major incidents, that cost you millions of dollars.
Thousands of passengers left stranded at sea for days.  That's what happened in February, on the Carnival Triumph. THEN in 2010, Carnival's  Splendor  ship was stranded in the Pacific Ocean. total estimated coast to taxpayers for the rescues
$4 million dollars.

"Morally no question Carnival owes United States government"))
Bruce McAllister is a Martime law expert who is the former acting head of the U.S Maritime Administration. he says Carnival was under no legal obligation to repay the government because of a Martime tradition of quid pro quo.
"The U.S. Coast Guard was fulfilling it's mission I think normally they don't make a claim for fulfilling their mission"))

But Carnival had come under pressure from the Senator Jay Rockefeller, the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee . he accused Carnival and it's chairmen, Miami Heat owner Mickey Arison of quote "Bloodsucking off the American people" for not covering the costs of rushing to the aid of Carnival's 90 marine mishaps in the last five years.

"Carnival vessels all registered overseas none in U.S, nonetheless Carnival depends on U.S. for passengers facilities in this country"))

In a statement, Carnival says  "It should be clearly noted that at no point in time has Carnival stated that it would refuse to reimburse federal agencies." people we spoke say Carnival should pay up

"I do think it's waste for taxpayers to be responsible for the rescue of what should be the responsible party")
 I think they should do it should pay  the government they are an independent company they make profit we shouldn't bail them out if we did that for everybody we would be in deeper hole of trouble") >>

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Carnival to pay US taxpayers back for 90 mishaps over past 5 years
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