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Stockton California bank robbery

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 05:56 PM CDT
Chaos erupted Wednesday at this Bank of the West branch after a robbery that spiraled violently out of control. A security guard was able to call 911 just moments before being tied up and officers arrived within a minute.

Jose Gonzales was there and saw what happened:
"The cops drew guns and stuff and that was pretty much it from what I seen and then it just became nothing but chaos."

Officials say three armed suspects stole an employee's SUV and shot at police with AK-47-style assault rifles. The men then allegedly took three women hostage- two bank workers and one customer . The suspects took off with the women and some money.

A high speed chase ensued, lasting nearly an hour, at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour. Police say they were taking heavy gunfire the entire time.

Police: "Suspects had mass amounts of ammunition either taped or strapped to their bodies.

At some point during the chase, misty Holt-Singh, the bank customer -seen here in her Facebook photo --  was fatally shot. Authorities say she was used as a human shield. The two other hostages either jumped or were pushed from the speeding car.

Holt-Singh, was with her 12-yr old daughter when she was snatched.
Devin: "She was just an innocent bystander trying to pull out money."

Eyewitness: She was on the ground, her leg all tore up and bleeding
The mayhem finally ended in a bloody shootout.

All three suspects were shot - two of them killed. Stockton PD identified 19-year-old Jaime Ramos as the only surviving suspect.Stockton California bank robbery

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