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Space Florida building research development at Pensacola tech park

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 10:59 PM CDT
A state-run agency focused on research is planning a large development right here in Pensacola.
    Space Florida is hoping to build the first development at the Pensacola Technology Park.
    The agency is recruiting architectural firms to design the building, that will focus on research and training.

    The 9-acre site is just outside of downtown Pensacola. It's been vacant for awhile, but it could soon have its first commercial development.
    It's being called "Project Expanse."
    The goal is to develop growth in the aerospace and high tech industries right here in Pensacola.
    And Space Florida has their eye on the Technology Park.
    The property located at 9th Avenue and Chase Street has utilities in place, but is waiting for someone to build there.

"I think they need to do it. It's a beautiful spot. It's been sitting there empty and it looks kinda sad," said Cindy Huntley. 

    Space Florida is hoping for five tenants who would rent space. The entire development will be about 60,000 square feet.
    These tenants would specialize in aerospace, technology research, and training.
    The main tenant's office will be about 30,000 square feet.
    Space Florida's proposal envisions how the interior of the building would look, with research labs, classrooms, and even a student lounge.
"I think it's going to be a great opportunity for people to used to this area. Also, adding more population to the downtown and Pensacola. And really discover how great this area is," said Tela Orourke. 

    The Pensacola Chamber of Commerce says this project is still in the early stages, but they're hoping it will flourish and bring jobs to the area.
    The commerce says the hope is that the tech park will become a hub of high tech companies, looking to grow business in Northwest Florida.

"I love Pensacola. I'm from North Carolina, so I think it would be great to put this place on the map. And getting those additional jobs for people," said Richard Mcneely.  

Space Florida building research development at Pensacola tech park

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