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Severe weather across the US

Updated: Tuesday, July 15 2014, 05:56 PM CDT
 Stormy weather is sweeping much of the country..
People along much of the east coast are bracing for more bad  weather too...

Another stormy evening for much of the east coast still cleaning up and drying out from yesterday's severe weather.

WPVI - "It's just crazy. Peoples roofs are gone, it's just nuts"
Torrential downpours - stranding drivers in parts of New York and New Jersey

All the cars and they were pulling through. Their waves were hitting us and moving us.

Those storms bringing lightning striking the Freedom Tower, the Library of Congress in DC and hitting a teenager in Philadelphia - who is recovering today.

More storms further west in Ohio - A family's car hydroplaning, then flipping the man and his daughter inside - escaping and holding onto a tree until they were rescued-
While his wife was carried four miles by the flash flood -before she was saved.

WSYX rescuer "Pretty happy reunion when we got them both together."
More flooding  in Phoenix and in Colorado.

So much hail - it looked almost like winter.
More confused seasons in the midwest where today  it feels kind of like fall, with temperatures as much as 25 degrees below normal.

People in Chicago - bringing out the jackets-but not too many complaints  "It is a beautiful day. I don't have any problem with this weather,"

A bit less enthusiasm here on the east coast though where, along with rain, and possible hail, some areas could get winds up to 60 miles an hour this evening.

Severe weather across the US

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