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Potentially dangerous intersection in Santa Rosa Co to receive new traffic lights

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 12:04 PM CDT
SANTA ROSA COUNTY - A busy and potentially dangerous intersection in Santa Rosa County is on the verge of becoming a little safer. 

The Florida Department of Transportation is installing new traffic lights at the intersection of Hickory Hammock Road and Highway 87 in East Milton. 

The project costs $162,000 dollars.
Within the last 5 years, there have been 25 crashes at the intersection.  16 people were injured and one Milton man died.

"I'm so thankful they're putting a light here, everybody in this neighborhood is" said Charles Christian, Santa Rosa County.

Charles Christian travels through the intersection every day.  He considers it quite dangerous and for good reason.

"The last guy that was killed here was my neighbor at one time" said Christian.

Over the years he's seen a number of accidents at the intersection, including his neighbor James "Danny" White. 
White in the passenger seat when another car crashed into the one he was one.
He was killed in the crash.

"20 something years ago, you could actually count the traffic on that road" said Christian.

Back then a simple caution light may have been enough, but now many drivers feel a stop light will better handle the fast moving traffic on Highway 87, as motorists travel from the Interstate to the coast in Santa Rosa County.
On average the East Milton Fire Department responds to about three accidents a month at the intersection.
From David Boswell's office, he has a clear view of the intersection.

"We continuously hear the squealing of tires, and see car accidents all the time.  Life flight's been out here a couple of times within the past couple of years" said David Boswell, Santa Rosa County.

In the coming days, these old caution lights will come down.
Over the next few weeks, drivers will start seeing signs alerting them of the new signal.

All of the new traffic lights are expected to be up and fully operational within the next 60 days. 

Potentially dangerous intersection in Santa Rosa Co to receive new traffic lights

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