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Phillipines hit by another storm and earthquake

Updated: Tuesday, November 12 2013, 12:00 PM CST
Phillipines  --  The president of the Philippines says he believes no more than 2500 people died in last week's Super-Typhoon Haiyan.

But still, rescuers are trying to make their way to communities cut off by the storm.
And survivors, are desperately waiting for more help to arrive.

The Philippines pounded by more heavy rain...
A tropical depression moving through communities - wiped out by Super-Typhoon Haiyan's nearly 200-mile per hour winds and storm surge - of nearly 20 feet.
Rebecca Guy: "When the storm hit our apartment was flooding//the rain was coming, the winds were crazy and it was getting cold..

More than half a million people left homeless. Survivors - forced to live among the dead

John Wynn, US missionary who survived the typhoon: It's just really death and devastation everywhere. Bodies laying everywhere. People need help. People need help."

And there are still communities - that have been unreachable...
The UN says - it could be another day before search and rescue teams make it to the last of the areas - cut off by the storm.

In other hard hit towns - the US Marines are among those - bringing supplies. Help - that can't come quickly enough for doctors lacking the most basic resources to save lives

Maria Ngojo, Medical Technician, Bogo District Hospital:
"We have no water here and then we are just doing all the resources, like collecting rain water, just for the use on emergency cases// so we need really water."

And for people who survived the storm but say, they can't hang on much longer.

We can survive without this houses we can survive anywhere.
Sleep anywhere but we need food

And not only did the Philippines get pounded by a second storm as they try to recover just south of the hardest hit area, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake hit this morning.
Phillipines hit by another storm and earthquake

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