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Pensacola fatal shooting

Updated: Wednesday, July 16 2014, 06:01 PM CDT
A Pensacola woman was shot and killed while at work.
Police believe the suspect is her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend.

The victim worked at a clothing store on Cervantes Street near "R" Street

Police closed down the stores on this block while they process the scene.
The victim worked at this store.

Police tell us the victim and gunman had been arguing before the shooting happened.
They say the suspect left after the argument, and after a few minutes returned with a gun.

This store-- Ann Marie's all that and more the center of a homicide investigation.
The shooting taking place just before noon.

Police say there was one other person that was inside the store with the gunman and victim.
That person- either a customer or another employee- now being questioned by detectives.

In the meantime there were plenty of other eyes and ears that saw and heard the moments after the shooting.
Many of them describing a chaotic and frightening scene.

Keisha Jones, Witness
It  was like a movie, everyone came running to see what was going on, police came from everywhere, detectives and everything."

Police are working to notify family members of the woman that was shot

They have not released the name of the suspect in this case
But say he was either a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend of the victim

And he turned himself in shortly after the shooting
Pensacola Police say this is the first homicide that happened this year within city limits.Pensacola fatal shooting

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