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Medal of Honor recipient invites family of soldier that saved him, to ceremony

Updated: Wednesday, July 16 2014, 12:00 PM CDT
A solider killed in action while trying to save his fellow comrades.
Now, one of the men he saved is hoping to do something for his fallen comrade and his family.
He's a hero who never made it home.
Corporal Jason Bogar died saving fellow soldiers as the Taliban attacked their outpost in Afghanistan.
Next week.. Staff Sergeant Ryan Pitts will receive the medal of honor for his actions that day.. but Pitts gives all the credit to Bogar and the others.

Carlene Cross says-"He said you know  Jason saved my life, and I would like you to be there, you and your daughters, with me when I receive the medal."

Carlene Cross is Bogar's mother.
Pitts has invited her to stand by his side when he is presented with the nation's highest honor.

Carlene Cross says-"He calls Jason and all the other guys, just says they were heroes."

Bogar is one of nine soldiers killed in the Battle of Wanat.
 27 others were wounded in an ambush in July 2008.

Bogar immediately manned the machine gun.
Carlene Cross says-"The soldiers that survived said that there were bullets popping all around him."

Pitts was nearby.. bleeding out.
Carlene Cross says-"And so Jason stopped shooting and put a tourniquet on his leg and Ryan said that saved his life."

Bogar was one of the only soldiers still standing.
He fought on and when the machine gun malfunctioned he rushed the enemy position with another weapon to buy time for the others.

Carlene Cross says-"But then he was shot through the neck."
Pitts badly wounded kept up the fight.
Today he is humble about his own deeds but generously praises the others.

Carlene Cross says-"He says this is all of their, he's going to share it with all the men."
President Obama will present the medal of honor on Monday at the White House.
Carlene Cross leaves for DC on Saturday and says this is such a special way for her son to be remembered.Medal of Honor recipient invites family of soldier that saved him, to ceremony

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