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Local Hometown Hero happy to give back to his community

Updated: Thursday, July 17 2014, 08:22 PM CDT
He's a hometown hero, especially for basketball fans.
Reggie Evans is a Forward for the Sacramento Kings.
Today he spent the afternoon talking with children at the Pensacola Boys and Girls Club.
He says growing up, he saw other professional athletes giving back to their communities and he's glad to be in a position to pay that forward.

Reggie Evans: "There's a lot of kids that's in my position that when I was young, that's, you know, good athletes, just good students, raising up by single parents, no matter their mom or dad, and sometimes they need a little motivation and stuff and sometimes they need somebody to look up to, and that's what I try to do, just carry that torch for them."
He says, the most important message he has is never to give up on yourself or your dreams.Local Hometown Hero happy to give back to his community

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